A Screen Capturing Utility

Screen Shots
About GNUSnap

Snap is a utility to take Snapshots, written in Java Swing. It Presents a Simple GUI which helps the user to take snapshots of the screen. Any snapshot that Snap takes is saved in the $HOME/captures directory.

Snap can be configured to take SnapShots at regular intervals. When this is done, snap takes a snapshot and saves it in the above mentioned directory. However, only the last-taken snapshot is shown in the GUI.

Download GNUSnap

You can downolad snap in two ways. You could get the source or you could download the istaller for your platform. To download the latest stable version of snap click Here.

Contribute Code to GNUSnap

To join snap as a developer and controibute code, send in all your details to and i shall get back to you.

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